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Imagining a System of Care Performance Dashboard

The Center’s Webinar offering for November, “Imagining a System of Care Dashboard” will focus on the development of a dashboard to track and report key performance indicators that are relevant in our evolving health care system. As networks form, they will be challenged to ensure the delivery of effective services that produce positive outcomes while also staying on budget, so it will be important to capture the data points that correlate with success. This webinar will highlight a System of Care Dashboard that can be used to monitor performance in the delivery of integrated services (medical, mental health, substance use, Care Management, and community-based supports) across the continuum of care that can be helpful to staff from the leadership level to the direct service level.  
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John Lee, MBA
Director, CCSI | Center for Collaboration in Community Health
David Eckert, LMHC,NCC,CRC
Senior Consultant, CCSI | Center for Collaboration in Community Health

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