Health Information Technology Consultation

Health Information Technology is more than just technology, it involves people and processes as the foundation to successful implementation and utilization. Our Health Information Technology Consultant can help your organization throughout the various stages of use of these systems to help provide a sustainable infrastructure and operational efficiencies resulting in improved practices and increased quality of care for your consumers. Health Information Technology consulting includes, but is not limited to the following activities:
  • Defining Business Requirements to determine selection of a HIT platform
  • Process Mapping workflows to identify gaps and areas of improvement
  • Vendor selection based upon defined business requirements
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • Implementation Project Management
  • System Build and Configuration
  • Optimization of current HIT platform
  • Interoperability and data integration guidance
  • How to effectively utilize HIT to produce quality outcomes
  • And more…


Senior Consultant, Health IT

Nicole leads CCSI's work in the areas of healthcare information technology and data management. In this role, she works closely with a broad range of CCSI staff and customers to assess HIT needs, define requirements, evaluate solutions, and support system implementation efforts - with a specific emphasis on achieving operational efficiencies. Prior to joining CCSI, Nicole was a Senior Health IT Advisor with Innovative Solutions, where she provided consultation and technical assistance to...Read More

Health IT Webinars

Leveraging Health IT to Inform Practice

Nicole provided guidance on the effective use of Health Information Technology (HIT) to support the collection and dissemination of data to inform practice and improve outcomes

Presenter: Nicole Bryl, MHSA, Senior Consultant, Center for Collaboration in Community Health

Date and Time: 10/26/2015 12:00:00 AM

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HIT Portfolio:


Outpatient Medical Center

Our Health IT Consultant assisted a large, multi-disciplinary outpatient medical practice implement their electronic health record in their Rheumatology, Cardiology, Primary Care and Neurology practices. Each discipline requiring its own set of specifications and configuration. Nicole helped them determine best practices and workflows to help improve efficiencies within the practice while utilizing HIT to better the care of the patients.

Residential Facilities

Nicole has worked on health information technology solutions in multiple settings of care including OCFS, OMH and OPWDD Residential programs. Understanding the programs operations and analyzing each piece of a complex workflow, Nicole was able to successfully implement health information systems in each setting, involving all disciplines within the model that are pertinent to sharing information in residential care (health services, direct care, Psychiatry, Education, etc.).

Home and Community Based Services

Health IT systems can and should be utilized in non-typical settings of care such as the community. Nicole has helped numerous home and community based programs go-live with health information technology while maintaining the fluidity of the programs workflow. Everything from hardware to staff schedules were examined and redesigned in order to accommodate the technology without losing the integrity of the program.

Health Homes

Health Homes are a unique model involving a lead provider and multiple down-stream care management agencies with strict NYS documentation and reporting requirements. Nicole helped select and implement a solution that would meet the needs of over 60 agencies in one platform. Nicole led the build and configuration of the system to accomplish NYS standards for Health Home Homes while keeping the integrity of the person-centered Care Management model the program required to be successful.

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