Job Information

Job ID: 299
Updated: 12/12/2017 12:03:50 PM
Job Title: Family Care Planner
Location: Syracuse, NY

A Brief Job Description:

The ACCESS program serves as a central location for families to request assistance should their child/youth be experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges. As a member of the ACCESS Team, the Family Care Planner responds to ACCESS referrals received primarily through the 24/7 ACCESS phone-line to provide assistance and support for youth and their families. Main components of the response process include family engagement, assessment, solution building and planning while providing short term support and or case management services. Throughout the family care planning process, this team member partners with families assigned to their workload to complete a comprehensive assessment, explore natural supports, assist with problem solving and identify solutions while sharing information about services and community resources available to best support meeting their child’s and family’s needs. Based on the assessment outcome, the Family Care Planner assists with completing service referrals and planning while providing continued short-term support for the family until service(s) and or other support systems are in place.

Contact Information

Program/Department: Coordinated Care Services, Inc.